Which are the best final expense leads?

It is a real challenge to come across quality final expense leads, and it requires aid from the most credited insurance agencies. The first thing is however to decide on the type of expense lead that will be appropriate for you. There are three types of leads that you can choose from namely the direct mail responder leads, the telemarketed leads and the internet leads.

The Direct Mail Responder final expense Leads

Direct Mail Responder final expense leads have been in existed for quite a long period of time in the final expense market. They are available on regular basis for the people who purchase final expense market. The insurance agents are responsible for mailing the cards to the market each day and they effectively saturate it. However, this option is quite challenging because it has very less returns. Critically thinking, a person can spend up to $23 per lead, which will be very costly.

Telemarketed final expense Leads

This final expense leads have been available in the market for quite some time. Their only challenge is that they do not call lists or the TCPA, and it is thus quite hard to come across them currently. Moreover, they are among the top expensive leads as they can cost around $30 each. When dealing with this type however, it always advisable that a person check on the legibility of the lead. This is because there are some that are usually developed through the use of automated dialers and they have prerecorded message in them.

Internet final expense Leads

This is one of the most credited final expense leads that many insurance agencies make use of. It is for a fact that many people own a computer and are able to access the internet each day. This has actually made it possible for people to access as many leads as they can, simply because they are online majority of the time. Even if some of the leads may go to waste, it is for a fact that they will be easily sold to a number of agents altogether. However, it is quite competitive and it is your duty to call and see if there is a prospect client interested in buying the product being sold.


The final expense market is quite tricky and requires a lot of research before a person can opt to enter it. The type of final expense leads chosen is always important when determining the total profit that will be gained. In spite of the total number ofinsurance agencies that the lead attracts, it is for a fact that they are very expensive. However, the costs differ significantly and especially in regard to the transmission method being used. There are some leads that are relatively cheaper than others, and the internet leads are known to be of low expense. However, it is for a fact that the leads are very expensive, and you should be careful not to spend too much on them.

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