Finding Life Insurance Leads Online

Finding life insurance leads online entails the use of sales techniques that have been proven to work since before the advent of the Internet and the World Wide Web. Seasoned life insurance salespeople who are successful in their target-oriented business know this well.

The thick skin

They also know that the successful search for new business goes beyond basic sales skills and the use of web-based technologies. Being an effective salesperson, irrespective of the product being sold, requires a fixed set of personality characteristics. Persistence and patience are two such personality traits. Also, a thick skin and the ability to withstand pressure are needed to succeed. Without these, irrespective of how skilled you are at researching target markets and the use of computer-based technologies, you may not be as successful as those who have tried without giving up.


It goes without saying that ambition and a keen sense of motivation to profit are also required. But it is also important to mention that these positive personality traits required may come naturally to those who are qualified, licensed to practice, have an above average knowledge of the life insurance markets and related products and an acute understanding of the regulations that govern the way they are required to carry out business. In today’s technologically-influenced markets, it also helps to have those skills that enable insurance salespeople to canvass new business leads effectively.

Cold canvassing

The term used to seek effectively out and successfully capture final expense leads is code-calling. It can be correlated with how algorithms are designed and the practice of coding used by internet technicians and website builders. More succinctly, the practice of code calling can be compared to the old-fashioned but still important practice of cold canvassing. The practices are one and the same because it is all about how adept you are at finding the right leads that will result in the targeted sales. Continue reading this for more info.


For instance, if you are conducting market research via social media networks, it would be counterproductive to chat to single young, twenty-something men and women while persuading them to purchase a life insurance product specifically tailored for established professionals or small business owners who have at least more than one dependent. The same principle applies to selling short-term house insurance. It makes perfect sense to target young mothers with growing children rather than single women who are mainly concerned with short-term needs and immediate career aspirations.

To be an effective online salesperson requires two more very important knowledge-based skills; with ideally a theoretical knowledge of how psychology works, the ability to conduct own research and development wide of company processes to create effective business leads.

Sales techniques remain much the same as they were in the past. These same techniques have also evolved with the use of new online search engine technologies. Think always how it was done in the past. Think about those tried and tested methodologies and the personal skills that are required to knock on the right doors and make the perfect insurance sales pitch.

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